Sonny Bhinder Real Estate Team in Excellence In Real Estate Team Magazine

The 2021 Edition of Excellence in Real Estate (a premium publication from Glacier Media) is a showcase of the most highly regarded real estate professionals in Metro Vancouver.

The individuals and teams featured in this inaugural magazine have exemplified the true definition of "Real Estate Excellence".

After originally studying law and computer programming and working as an Oracle database administrator for a multi-national auto company in Toronto, Sonny Bhinder realized he wasn't meant to have a desk job.

So, he tried different vocations until he came across one that felt right — real estate.

“With real estate, there is a lot I can connect with,” says Bhinder. “I'm out and about meeting people and helping them achieve one of their biggest goals — buying, selling and investing in properties.”

Bhinder started his real estate career as a solo agent in 2005 and soon in 2008, Bhinder began to build out his team to handle the many various responsibilities included in real estate transactions to ensure that his clients would continue to receive the best service possible as his business scaled.

He specializes in the Metro Vancouver neighbourhoods of Surrey, Delta, Cloverdale, South Surrey, and White Rock, while his team members’ portfolios span from Vancouver to Chilliwack.

Today, Bhinder’s team includes 10 real estate agents, 6 administrative and client support staff, and a mortgage department.

Ranking in the Top 1% Real Estate Team in the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board and are the #2 Team in Century 21 for B.C., the Sonny Bhinder Real Estate team has a proven track record of selling homes 2.5X faster for 1.5% more money, and selling 20X more homes than the average.

The team consists of a group of people who believe in going above and beyond in their commitment to providing exceptional client service. As they say, “We are in the business of helping people; it just happens to be real estate”.

The Sonny Bhinder Real Estate Team is guided by the motto of ‘Go Serve Big’, believing that when you put others first, you will never be second.

"Most agents give the first-mile service, but we strive to deliver second-mile service to our clients,” says Bhinder.

“We work hard to get the 3Rs, which include Referrals, Repeat Business, and Reviews from our clients,” explains Bhinder. “That is our currency of success within our real estate business.”

For Bhinder and his team, having previous clients call back — whether with a recommendation for a colleague who is looking to buy or a decade later when it comes time to sell their house — is an indicator of a job well done.

Bhinder has put in unique selling propositions to safeguard his clients and deliver optimum results.

“For sellers, I guarantee that your home will be sold at your price, otherwise I will buy it,” explains Bhinder. He adds, “for buyers, if you do not love your new home purchased within 18 months, I'll buy it back from you.”

For those clients on the fence over whether they should buy first or sell first, Bhinder has another unique incentive with the team’s Trade-Up Program. As Bhinder states, “move up to one of my listings, and I will buy yours.”

Bhinder and his team are happy to be problem-solvers for their clients, and they have big aspirations to continue this into 2021 and beyond, with goals to serve over 200 families and give back $20,000 to various local charity organizations.

“Ultimately, we want to fulfill our main purpose, which is to make a difference in the lives of our clients and in the community.”