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Thursday, August 19, 2021   /   by Ray Lumenario

How Do You Know It's Time To Sell Your House?

Whether you are a homeowner or a real estate investor, you may have been watching the market. The past few years have been unusually hot. In many regions, the price increase has been excessive. After the market downturn, many properties are still selling well.

One thing that currently benefits many sellers is the fear of where the market is going. In areas with moderate exchange rates, rising interest rates are forcing some buyers to buy properties before they can afford them. Many consumers worry about overpaying when they wait too long.

While interest rates are rising, they are still at a very low point. They weren't up enough to knock most potential buyers out of the market. Add in new loan programs aimed at lowering your monthly payments and you will find that there aren't a lot of people shying away from buying.

Most buyers buy because they are ready, not when the market is ready.

Are you ready to move on? Do you have substantial equity in your home? Is your home in go ...

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Thursday, July 15, 2021   /   by Ray Lumenario

5 Essential Tips For First-time Homebuyers

There's a lot to anticipate as a first-time homebuyer, from searching houses online to visiting prospective neighbourhoods. But after the underlying energy of choosing to dive in, what comes next? How long will it be before you're choosing paint tones and acquainting yourself with the neighbours?
Here are the 5 essential tips to assist you with your homebuying
Determine how much you can afford

Consider what your monthly payments are today and what they will be after you bought the house. These includes:
Credit Score

Closing Cost

Get Pre-approved 

Getting pre-approved means that a lender has reviewed your income, expenses, and credit report and has conditionally agreed to approve you to loan an amount of money for a mortgage. Here are the 5 things you'll need for pre-approval:
Proof of Income
Proof of Asset
Good Credit
Employment Verification

Find A Realtor
Most first-time homebuyers want to work with a real estate agent. An ...

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Thursday, July 8, 2021   /   by Ray Lumenario

4 Things To Do Before Selling Your Home

Find A Real Estate Agent
Don't simply hire a realtor who always sent you a flyer or one of your uncle's companions or a cousin's friend. Do some research to find a knowledgeable realtor in a specific market, and interview the realtor to make sure that he/she is a good fit.
Your realtor ought to be somebody you feel open to working with, whom you trust to sell your home for as much as possible. Try not to be hesitant to converse with a couple of realtors before picking one.

Understand The Market Value Of Your Home
Your realtor will help you with this. As an expert in this area, your realtor can tell you how much your home's worth is. Realtors have the right tools and resources to find different information about your home, the current market situation and other things related when selling a home. Alternatively, you can always go and check the internet and see what your home worth is.

Make Necessary Repairs
You don't want to put off a buyer because of minor repairs be; ...

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Thursday, May 13, 2021   /   by Ray Lumenario

5 Common Real Estate Investing Mistakes

Although real estate may seem to be a safe bet for anyone, many investors make the same mistakes. Eliminate these errors from your investment activities and you will be well on your way to accumulate the wealth you want. 

1. Poor search. Most of us do a lot of research when planning our vacation or buying a new TV. If you were buying one worth 100k, you can bet you would do even more research! Well, you should do that when you buy a piece of real estate, too. 

2. Insufficient funding. Real estate investors often like wheels and transactions, and their transactions can have a lot of moving parts. Balloon payments, interest payments only, owner financing, subject to, and many others are ordinary. 

•To make a deal, we can get carried away doing everything in our power. Getting a great price does not always justify the treatment if funding is inadequate. 

3. Trying to do everything yourself. Although all real estate investors try this one time or anothe ...

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